Wednesday, March 31, 2010


its been awhile since ive been on this blog.
im over my ex boyfriend lane
and im over tyler.
nothing would make me happier then
my boyfriend harley.
everything else is just extra or comes with.
you know what i mean.

ive been writing poetry again..
just go to the link at the bottom of this entry...

I have to take the EOI's this year and i really dont want to.
but i guess i have to to get into algebra 2 next year...
ill be a freshman... just like harley is now
and probably will be when he fails..
he'll be real pissed.
not a happy pissed either..

im bored and tired. im just wanting to go home and sleep.
but i have to go to church..

another thing: Im on my period..
mother nature is a bitch.
im hating her right now..

but right now i just wish harley was right her
with me then i wouldnt be so bored then would i?

dont answer that..

okay okay im going im going.

[ps.. happy really late 2010!!!]


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