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Madman Marilyn Manson is just as guilty of the Columbine High School Massacre as the two maniacs who pulled the triggers. Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold, were both devotees of Marilyn Manson, and ran down the halls screaming "Marilyn Manson rules!" while they were shooting their classmates. It is clear that his sick music incited the killers to violence. We must work to BAN Manson's music, as it advocates rape, violence, hate for God, murder, and suicide.

Marilyn Manson acts like a freak that is straight out of the pits of hell! He is a so-called rock singer, but that is a sick joke, as the loser cannot even carry a tune. He is actually a recruiter for the Church of Satan, in which he holds the title of "reverend". He was given this title by Anton LaVey, founder of the First Church of Satan and author of "The Satanic Bible". Manson began worshipping LaVey from the time he was a teenager.

There is a false story being circulated around the internet about how he was rejected by a youth group at a church Christian school while he was a teenager. It says that since he looked and dressed differently than the other teenagers there, they wanted nothing to do with him, so he turned to Satanism. BULLSHIT! This story is a LIE, as it leaves out a lot of important details. The fact of the matter was that Brian Warner used to show up at church dressed in black garb and wearing Satanic t-shirts. He used to try to intimidate the other teenagers by telling them things like "Satan Rules" etc., etc. He would give them the Satanic sign and tell them that the Devil was God. He also admitted to being a homosexual as well as a child-molester, and propositioned several teenagers at the church to try to entice them into having sex with him. This freak obviously had no intention of starting a relationship with Jesus like the other teenagers there, he was obviously only there to cause trouble, and wanted to intimidate Christians. I mean, first you should reach out to someone like that, but when they openly reject you and come into the House of God to start trouble, that shows disrespect to not only God, but to the teenagers that are there trying to get their lives right . They have to listen to all that satanic trash in the world, so God forbid that they have to come into the church and hear it there.

When Manson started touring, he began burning Holy Bibles in his concerts, and giving "alter calls" for Satan, by encouraging kids to reject Jesus Christ, and accept Satan into their hearts and minds, as well as accepting Manson as the Antichrist. He tells them to chant in unison, Fuck the Holy Spirit and Fuck Jesus Christ. Manson has committed blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, which is the only sin that is UNFORGIVABLE, and gets his fans to do it too so that they end up in Hell with him. This is sick, by his actions he is destroying lives. Marilyn Manson has crossed the line.

Not only that, but Manson sells WWJD bracelets at his concerts, saying that it does not stand for "What Would Jesus Do", but instead they stand for "WE WANT JESUS DEAD". He has allegedly raped a young girl on the stage, and has sodomized one of his band members in front of thousands of children. Manson has taken the cross of Jesus and defecated on it while on stage. Manson has urinated on pictures of Jesus, during his concerts. Manson has encouraged the teenagers in the audience to commit acts of sodomy, and lesbianism. He took a little puppy dog that was only 6 weeks old, and tossed it into the audience, encouraging kids to rip it to pieces and then smear the blood all over one another, which they gladly did. He said he dreams of the day that he can take a little baby and do the same thing to the baby. Many people have said that Marilyn Manson has also thrown bags of drugs into the crowd. He has asked audiences at his concerts if they have ever eaten babies. He sells t-shirts encouraging children to KILL GOD, KILL THEIR PARENTS, and then KILL THEMSELVES. Manson's band members drink his urine and he pees on the crowd at his concerts. Many a teenager has committed suicide after going home from his demonic concerts. At early shows Marilyn Manson would have girls dancing naked in cages while men gathered around them and spit on them. Manson has been arrested a few times and has been banned from 13 states in the USA for behavior.

Singer Courtney Love, pulled out of her on the road tour with Manson, in March of 1999, stating that she would never tour with him again as he was telling children to commit suicide. This web site would never endorse Courtney Love or her music because she is a sick loser drug addict whore, but in this case we say, "Good On Ya, Courtney!"

Nutbag Manson tells kids that Hell is a great place and they need not fear Hell. He says it is one great big party for eternity with all of the drugs and sex you can ever want. He tells them to escape the pressures of this world by committing suicide. I notice that Manson advocates suicide and tells young people to do it, but he fails to lead by example! If Hell is so great and suicide is the solution to life's problems as Manson says, then why doesn't he set the example? I will even loan him my gun, and load it for him. Let’s see if he will just practice what he preaches!

An unconfirmed rumor we have is that Marilyn Manson supposedly had his bottom two ribs removed, so that he can perform oral-sex on himself. He bragged about this in interviews. Another unconfirmed rumor is that Manson did a spell during one of his concerts, and 3 members of his audience caught fire and died. Marilyn Manson has also told many that he had gotten breast-implants, but that he later had them removed. He had posed for a photo showing himself with breast, which is on the cover of one of his CDs. This just shows his reprobate mind.

Just last year we received a letter from a 12 year old boy who had been at one of Manson's concerts. In it he said he had been invited backstage by one of Manson's band members. When he got there he was stripped naked, and Mr Manson himself put a handful of snakes down the boys shorts, and told his band members to take it in turns to kick the boy in his testicles. This is sick!

Twiggy Rameriez , one of Manson's band members was arrested for molesting a little boy.

Parents, this is what YOUR children are listening to when they have this freaks cd's in their possession. I was recently at a Christian school and I asked for a show of hands of students who listened to Manson's music or had his cd's in their possession and about 75% of their hands went up.

Well I asked those kids to " Take those cd's, lay them out on the floor, take a hammer, and whack those cd's until they are in little bitty tiny pieces, and then mail those pieces straight to Manson telling him you want nothing more to do with him or his music."

It is against God's Holy Word to listen to Marilyn Manson, as God's Word says in Philippians 4:8, "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy,-think about such things."

Parent's , if your teenager will not do this on their own, then YOU take the proper leadership role in your home and do it for them! You have every right to do this according to God's Word in Joshua 24:15 "AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE WE WILL SERVE THE LORD!"

Parents, Manson has not only told the teenagers to commit suicide, but he has encouraged them to take knives and hack their parents to death while they are sleeping, or to take a gun and murder their parents , or kill their parents in anyway that they can.
Marilyn Manson has said he is the 'Anti-Christ' on numerous occasions, and has said in an interview "Hopefully, I’ll be remembered as the person who brought an end to Christianity." (Spin, August '96). Although we do not know for a fact, many of our Church believe this to be true. If he is indeed the Antichrist, he will have a birthmark on his body resembling the numbers 6-6-6, the birthmark of the Devil. If anyone knows this to be the case will they please get in touch with our Church, and furnish us with proof.



this fucker doesnt even know what the fuck hes talking about. not all people who listen to marilyn manson (i.e. me and my friends) are satanists. i go to church and praise god. this reverand doesnt know what hes talking about.

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