Friday, May 29, 2009

friday may 23

i cant believe what alora made me do. okay this is what happened:

we were walking to her nanas house when i wanted to stop at the high skewl and sit because my feet were hurting. so she went to go play with the door and she opened it like she does.
she said we should go in. i said no and she said so it or we wont be frineds. im not friends with goody 2 shoes. so i said no again. so she pushed me inside. i didnt want to though. so she dragged me inside. she told me to hold the clothes. i knew i shouldnt have but i did.
im never speaking to her again.
anyways, i had to spend my friday night in a room at the police department.
(=^_^=) ohh look a kitty, sorry >_<

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