Friday, July 16, 2010

This Past Week

Okay this past week has been hectic..

Tuesday the sixth: hung out with lane
Thursday the eighth: hung out with lane.

Both days we did things we were'nt supposed to do

Friday the ninth: Harley broke up wtih me.
Called lane and told him
he blamed himself.

Saturday and sunday:
laid around watching tv.
trie not to eat.

Monday was the same..

Tuesday I went to the lake with lane..
We made out and fooled around some.

Wednesday i went to church.
told people about me and harley breaking up...

thursday [yesterday]
whent to the lake with lane and did something bad that will amke a lot of people thuink im a slut.
I think im a slut just for kissing him.
we had sex...
yeah i know I'm going to burn in hell for it. whatever.
It was like friends with benefits.

then wehn he dropped me off,

i could barely walk... i was woozy.

then harley called me and asked if i wanted to hang out

it ended badly..

he said that he miised me and that he wanted me back..
i told him i'd think about it..
 i dont knwo what to do...

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