Tuesday, September 15, 2009


okay this is my first draft so dont judge:

i love my boyfriend with al me heart. but he doesnt feel the same way apparently. we "did it' on our 1 year anniversary. i thought i had taken my pill and he had used a condom, but it broke. after two months, he took me to a very nice dinner. after dinner i told him that i may be pregnant. he said, "im sorry LJ but im not ready, but i guess ill have to be. i smiled and kissed him gently.

ill post more later..


rawraw said...

all i had to do was tell my parents, and i wasnt going to do that, so i called my best friend since preschool, karsyn. when i told her, her response was ,"ohmygod! is josh the father?"
"of course he is! why wouldnt he be?" i asked. she told me, "because. well, um, you probably wont believe me, but, i, uh, saw josh and ally tallywood at the movies on friday making out" i started crying and i told her i had to go. i cried myself to sleep.

rawraw said...

* * *
i went up to him in the hall and asked, "are you cheating on me with ally tallywood? i thought you were smarter than that." i started crying in big sobs. he said, "lylah jane, why would you think that? its only gossip," he grabs my shoulders,"why would you believe it like karsyn does? especally from karsyn?" he looks me straight in the eyes. do you know that you're the love of my life? you are so perfect and so is our little baby inside of you. will you marry me when we get of age?" he asks.
"no." i say and i look up to see ally taking his hand into hers. " hey, josh" ahe says and kisses his cheek. i scream," you motherfucker! you dont deserve me or the baby!" then ally punches me
in the stomach.
i walked to lunch, crying. as karsyn and i went to our table, i told her what had just happened. then, i saw the new boy and said to him, "come sit!" he nods.

rawraw said...

"hey im jai." he says. as we nod. i say, "well, this is karsyn and im lylah jane, aka lj." he nods.
in seventh hour mrs. woodly is talking about math while everybody else is gossiping.
-"josh was cheating on lj with ally tallywood. ally is preggers and so is lj! can you say man-whore?"
-"i heard lj screaming at josh and ally. ally was doing josh while josh was doinglj. josh has been doing ally since the beginning of the school year. he only did lj two months ago."
as i tried doing my work, karsyn says, "josh is just a retard he'll just claim temporary insanity and beg for lj back. or he'll get ally tallywood to be a mommy. which probably wouldnt be the first time."